Tuesday 2 July 2013

Threatener - And The Bending Of Throats

'And The Bending of Throats'

Genre: Powerviolence, Fastcore, Noisecore
For Fans Of: Crossed Out, D-Clone, Triac

10 songs, 4 minutes and more stop and starts than you can poke a broken drumstick at. Threatener don't let up at all on this EP - it's some of the most noisy, abrasive powerviolence I've had the (dis)pleasure of hearing. The drums and guitars are raw as fuck, and will cut through you like the rustiest fucking buzzsaw in the shed, while the frantic, yelled vocals will beat the shit out of your dismembered corpse. You want a nasty piece of hardcore brutality? Go listen to this.

1. Weekend Mishap
2. Gates Of Tooth And Horn
3. Six Robes
4. Chaos Apes
5. Infant Reprimand
10. Antlers In The Throat
11. Powertools As A Means For Liberation From A Restrictive Species
12. Amniotic Trauma
13. Pills From A Phone Booth Change Tray

14. Home Remedies


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