Saturday 6 July 2013

Agents Of Satan - The Old Testament

'The Old Testament'
Agents of Satan

Genre: Powerviolence, Grindcore
For Fans Of: Excruciating Terror, The Ultimate Warriors, Plutocracy

Agents of Satan are a whacked out, gory, obscene grind/pv outfit who seemed to be most active in the late 90s. Crazy, high pitched shrieks meet deep, guttural vocals while the instruments lay down some groovy, grind riffs. This release here is basically a discography, complete with some live tracks, unreleased stuff and a few songs from the band's previous incarnation (Radioactive Lunch). Interestingly enough, the lead singer of this band had one arm and they did a split with Burn The Priest (who would of course go on to become Lamb of God).
But I digress- if some goofy, gross and dumb music is what you're after than you've come to the right place.