Monday 29 July 2013

Direwolves - Me From Myself, To Banish

'Me From Myself To Banish'

Genre: Hardcore, Metalcore
For Fans Of: Birds In Row, Jungbluth, United Nations, Alpinist

Direwolves are a hardcore from band France who play a refreshing style of modern hardcore. Think metallic hardcore, but with nods to screamo, crust and post rock. Crushing guitars and chaotic vocals are set against quieter, more progressive sections, intertwined with raw emotion and energy. These guys are yet another excellent band off Throatruiner Record's awesome roster (Yes, go check it out) and well worth your time.

1. Growling Defeat
2. Dialogue Of No Light
3. Reach This Hand
4. Diving And Struggling
5. Me From Myself - To Banish
6. Relief


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