Sunday 28 July 2013

Breathe Knives - Hellen Keller EP

'Hellen Keller'
Breathe Knives

Genre: Metalcore, Noisecore, Grindcore
For Fans Of: Throats, Graf Orlock, Godflesh, Totally Unicorn

Woo! This blog's first submission (remember submissions are totally cool, just don't inundate me). Breathe Knives, apart from having a pretty creative name, churn out some awesome, off-kilter metallic 'core'. I say 'core' because it's pretty tricky to pigeon hole these guys. While the guitars are definitely rooted in the noisecore/chaotic metalcore side of things, the raspy, gnarly vocals sound like something off a Phobia album and the programmed drums lend it a cool industrial/inhuman vibe. There's the right balance of abrasiveness and groove (all hail the chug) while the samples keep things fresh and amusing (The Louis CK one in 'Whorehouse In Distress'). Give this a listen, and while you're at check out their other stuff on bandcamp.

1. Seatbelt For Your Teeth
2. Smiledriver
3. Whorehouse In Distress


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