Thursday 18 July 2013

Coffins - Buried Death

'Buried Death'

Genre: Death Metal, Doom Metal
For Fans Of: Autopsy, Obituary, Winter, Convulse

Coffins are a metal band straight outta Japan who play a devilish mix of traditional death metal and doom metal. By taking the groove pioneered by Floridian death metal bands in the late 80s/early 90s and adding in the sinister, diminished tones of doom (a la Autopsy), Coffins have concocted a purulent, pulsating metal monster. The grunted, guttural vocals add an extra element of menace and 'grossness' to the album, masking it in the unmistakable stench of death and dread.

1. Under The Stench
2. Buried Death
3. Cadaver Blod
4. Altars In Gore
5. Mortificiation To Ruin
6. Deadly Sinners
7. Purgatorial Madness
8. Frozen Styx

Altars In Gore