Tuesday 2 July 2013

Queens Of The Stone Age- Self Titled

'Queens Of The Stone Age'
Queens Of The Stone Age

Genre: Stoner Rock, Stoner Metal, Desert Rock, Alternative
For Fans Of: Kyuss, Fu Manchu, Torche, Them Crooked Vultures

And now for something completely different. Queens Of The Stone Age get lumped into that horrendous, modern bastardised version of the 'alternative' category, and this seems to put off a lot of people. If you can look past this, you'll get some excellent riffs, brilliant vocals and some pretty unique music. There's a lot about this album in particular to like - the bass riff in Mexicola, Josh Homme's washed out, falsetto vocals in Regular John or the intro to Walking On The Sidewalks. It's a groovy, it's a little odd and it's pretty darn heavy. Let the fuzzy, riffy goodness wash over you - it'll melt your brain and get stuck in your head for weeks. Oh yeah.

1. Regular John
2. Avon
3. If Only
4. Walkin' on the Sidewalks
5. You Would Know
6. How to Handle a Rope 
7. Mexicola
8. Hispanic Impressions
9. You Can't Quit Me Baby
10. Give the Mule What He Wants

11. I Was a Teenage Hand Model