Thursday 4 July 2013

Taake - Nekro


Genre: Black Metal
For Fans Of: Carpathian Forest, Ulver, Immortal, Norwegian black metal in general

Again, I'll admit I know very little about black metal, and it's probably not a good idea for me to start comparing this stuff to other bands. That being said, this little 3 song EP here was almost solely responsible for convincing me that black metal didn't suck ass. Taake have the right balance of melody and brutality conveyed perfectly through lightning fast riffs, throaty shrieks and ferocious energy. The production's raw enough to make it an organic listening experience, and crisp enough that the drums don't sound like sprinklers.

1. Voldtekt
2. Lamb (Von cover)
3.  Hennes Kalde Skamlepper



  1. There is no comparing them imo. You nailed it. This is a truly unique metal band.

  2. Taake has something that a lot of other bm bands don't have imo. Feeling. This is one taake I have not heard thanks!