Monday 20 January 2014

Cyrus Gold - Demo

Cyrus Gold

Genre/s: Post Hardcore, Punk
For Fans Of: Burning Love, The Bronx, Unsane, Glassjaw, Family

(Band Submission)

Cyrus Gold are a four piece Pennsylvanian band kicking out some really innovative post hardcore jams. Equal parts catchy, dissonant and melodic the band is lead by versatile vocals and riffs that tow the line between early 90s math rock/emo and ballsy rock and roll. Cyrus Gold know exactly how to balance intelligent music with party ethos, and this demo is testament to some nifty songwriting abilities. These guys are definitely a band to keep your eye on, their unique and progressive take on multiple genres is refreshing indeed.

1. Bones
2. Little Posion, Big Poison
3. Your Party


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