Saturday 11 January 2014

Obscene Being - Demo

Obscene Being

Genre/s: Punk, Hardcore, Garage Punk
For Fans Of: The Reatards, Misfits, Fear,  G.G Allin

(Band Submision)

Obscene Being are a four piece from Vancouver who play what can be essentially described as 'snot punk'. Recalling the days of old, when punk songs were three powerchords and and angry bloke yelling over the top of it, Obscene Being's demo is fast, loud, angry and very fun. Vocally it's like a sparring match between Glenn Danzig and Jay Reatard - crooning gives way to demonic howls and screams with snotty refrain, while the scuzzy guitar and fuzzed out bass try to keep up with the whole shebang. It's a crazy little demo, presented in glorious lo-fi, garage rock fidelity and you'd do very well to go give it a listen.

1. Time
2. Litterbug
3. Surface Rock
4. Smells Like Ghetto


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