Monday 20 January 2014

Tar Babies - Face The Music/Respect Your Nightmares

'Face The Music/Respect Your Nightmares'
Tar Babies

Genre/s: Hardcore
For Fans Of: Minutemen, No Trend, Die Kreuzen, Husker Du, Mecht Mensch

Delivering weirdo hardcore in only the way a SST hardcore band could, Tar Babies were a criminally underrated band that were around between 1982 - 1991. In their time on the Earth, Tar Babies played funk infused hardcore that delved into occasionally jazzy and noisy territory, but remained thoroughly punk oriented. This is a compilation including their 1982 'Face The Music' EP and their second EP, 1985's 'Respect Your Nightmares'. While the latter is more indicative of the band's hardcore sound, 'Respect Your Nightmares' sees more of the funk/jazz influence creeping in.

1. Be Humble
2. Punch
3. The Word
4. Native Son
5. Triplets
6. The New Poor
7. Confusion
8. Bubba
9. Kicking
10. Virgin Sound
11. Leech
12. Wasted Words
13. Lazy Decision
14. Economy Pact
15. Why We Are
16. Suffer the Pain
17. The Ocean
18. Caleb's Getting Mad
19. Beyond Caring What's Right/Rape
20. Experimenting with Needles/The Word
21. Jeremy's Lament
22. Pitiful
23. Searching Through Cassettes on the Dash
24. Suffer the Pain
25. Virgin Sound