Monday 20 January 2014

Perfume River - Concrete Winter

Perfume River

Genre/s: D-Beat, Hardcore, Raw Punk
For Fans Of: Perdition, Church Whip, Bible Thumper, Discharge

If you're like me, your life is probably constantly lacking some raw punk something fierce. It's a constant struggle to find more and more kick-ass bands that very few people know about, and it really does take a toll on your psyche (and bandwith limit). THANKFULLy Perfume River are here to fill that void (temporarily). Killer, war themed d-beat delivered in glooorious lo-fi with reverb up the whazoo and plenty of gruff vocals to keep everything moving along. If you're angry at something and want a soundtrack for your inevitable wall punching session - I present you with this.

1. Intro (Raise the White Flag)
2. My Only Master
3. Suffering Bastard
4. P.O.W
5. Never Free


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