Friday 3 January 2014

Romantic Gorilla - Self Titled

'Self Titled'
Romantic Gorilla

Genre/s: Hardcore, Thrashcore
For Fans Of: Mind Of Asian, Exclaim, Jellyroll Rockheads, Real Reggae

Romantic Gorilla are a goofy, fun hardcore band from Japan, who've been around since 1993. They often incorporate humorous themes/lyrics in  their music - which is a blistering mix of catchy hardcore and straight-up thrashcore. If you love Japanese hardcore (I know I do), you'd be stupid to pass this one up.

1. Kitty Revenge
2. Ecology
3. Crisis
4. Touch And Die
5. Time Up
6. Over
7. Too Much Beer
8. Hanage
9. Fear
10. What's Going On?
11.  Flush Back
12. Super Mario
13.  Gori
14. Try My Chance
15. What Can I Do?
16. The Rush Hour
17.  Make A Effort
18. Gorillaman-Show
19. Your Top Secret


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