Monday 20 January 2014

INTERVIEW - Siberian Hell Sounds

So last year a bunch of Brisbanites calling themselves Siberian Hell Sounds went and gone done put out a killer demo (which made it's way onto this very blog). Back again very early into 2014 with a new EP, the three piece are bringing the doom and gloom in a very gnarly way. I caught up with (emailed) their guitarist, Dan.

FBN: Describe your band in three words or less 
Siberian Hell Sounds: Seances at 420

FBN: You've just released a new EP, can you tell us a little about that
SHS: The name and song titles all started as a joke about Insect Warfare. Many beugs were smoked, doobs toked and Nandos meals consumed in the making of said EP and we reckon it sounds pretty good although it won't ever be as good as Insect. 

FBN:As a relatively new band, how are you guys finding the local scene? Is it supportive?
SHS: We've played one show thus far and it was a veritable Matefest. All the overseas attention is very cool, this kind of music has a very limited but attentive audience and it's fucking awesome to have to send merch via international post.

FBN: You're named after the (in)famous Well To Hell hoax. What drew you to that name?
SHS:I'm terrible at thinking of band names so luckily I read the right article on Cracked and had a bloody excellent grind name handed to me. 

FBN:What personally drew you to the world of metal/hardcore
SHS:I think the first "heavy band" I ever liked was Metallica or Tool and things progressed steadily downhill from there. I liked all the guitar riffs and lyrical content; I have a natural attraction to dark shit so metal was the best thing ever when I was 12 (disclaimer: it still is the best thing ever). Hardcore was like metal but with less guitar solos, shorter songs and similarly tasty riffage and I loved how it made me want to punch people in the face.

FBN: What are some of the most influential albums (of any genre) to you?\
SHS: Here's 5 bloody classic releases that Siberian Hell Sounds wouldn't exist without (if you don't have these you have a lot of things to reconsider about your life):
Slayer - Seasons in the Abyss
Cursed - II
Pig Destroyer - Terrifyer
Amenra - Mass IIII
Converge - No Heroes

FBN: What does the future look like for SHS? New releases, tours?
SHS: Well I'm overseas for the next couple months but when I get back to Brisbane there will be plenty of new releases and as many tours as possible and we will get our backlog of merch orders sent out (sorry everyone and thank you for your patience). Hopefully 2014 will suck us off enthusiastically and with no teeth. 

FBN: Finally, anything you guys want to add (shout outs, thanks all that jazz)?
SHS: Cheers for the support bruz, listen to passportxshredder and fuck the Liberal Government.

There you have it. Siberian Hell Sound's new EP, 'The PCPEP' is out on bandcamp and a limited CD run now so mosey on over there and have a look.

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