Wednesday 8 January 2014

No Less - Boxed In

'Boxed In'
No Less

Genre/s: Powerviolence, Grindcore
For Fans Of: Agents Of Satan, Excruciating Terror, Plutocracy, Peter Mangalore

No Less hail from a simpler time - a time when powerviolence wasn't the cut/copy, super serious bullshit it is today. Much like Crom or Agents Of Satan, No Less deliver super goofy, ultra fast and mean pv/grindcore gold, with plenty of samples and crushing blastbeats. Vocally this is one the strangest releases you're likely to come across, with guttural lows, hardcore barks and this high pitched, Birdo-esque scream. All in all,  it's raw, it's weird and it's heavy as fuck, and it's an excellent release from powerviolence's heyday.

1. Clyde's Backhole
2. Oregon Express
3. Greener Pastures
4. Captain Morgan's Wild Rydes
5. Chichirones
6. Decapitated Pigz
7. Ruff And Tumble
8. No Mess
9. On My Table


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