Tuesday 21 January 2014

Rupture - Corrupture


Genre/s: Hardcore, Powerviolence
For Fans Of: Spazz, Extortion, Burned Up Bled Dry, Capitalist Casualties

Rupture were a classic powerviolence band hailing from Perth, Australia. Rupture kicked out the jams for 19 years until the death of their vocalist Gus Chambers, and in that time they managed to release countless records (including splits with Spazz, Cripple Bastards and a spot on the Son Of Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh! compilation). Musically Rupture play grinding hardcore, driven by gruff vocals, blastbeats and a devilish (and very ocker) sense of humour. This is some criminally underrated powerviolence from its golden era, so put down that Extortion record and give these cunts a listen.

1. Human Race
2. Permanent Intox
3. Fucked Life
4. We Like To Generalise
5. Havin' A Flashback
6. Moronation
7. OD On THC
8. Earth's Dead
9. Acid Orbit
10. Rescue The Future? Get Fucked!
11. Genetical Fuckups
12. Little Johnny
13. Jesus Christ Pornostar
14. Coniac
15. Åke Är Gud
16. Fucken Old Cunts
17. Brains Of Buds
18. Paedopriest
19. A Is For Asshole
20. Sick Of Fucken Shit
21. Zitbastard
22. Paranoia
23. Green Goblin
24. Brain Pillage
25. Keep Dreaming
26. Justification Hoor Yo Life?



  1. For sure, underrated band. Rupture is the perfect expression of nihilism. And this is f...g violent. One of the greatest grinding punk band.