Saturday, 28 June 2014

Billy Bao - Accumulation

Billy Bao

Review by Brayden Bagnall

Genre/s: Noise Rock, No Wave
For Fans Of: Coughs, White Suns, DNA, Swans, Boredoms

Billy Bao are a noise rock band who hail from San Francisco, and are named after their singer, who is apperently from Lagos, Nigeria. Cool.
Also the band have stated that they don't care about copyright, and ecourage bloggers (such as myself) to share their music. Cool x2.
Accumulation is a surprisingly accurate description for such an abrupt title. The structure for this EP is literally laid out before you on the cover - lyrics and all - with ten songs that begin and mono and converge into stereo at the middle. What isn't explained is that each song is only one minute long, and are practically identical - except each new track adds a new layer, tying in the theme of Accumulation. Neat, huh?
While hearing the same song 10 times may sound boring and a little futile, it really isn't - at least in the case of this EP. Building off the thumping bass and drum lines on the first track, each addition brings a new element of chaos to the mix - more guitars, more vocals, more drums and more noise just grinding against each other for sonic superiority. You're basically listening to this band become progressively more unhinged and manic as Accumulation progresses, and it begs the question - are they evolving or devolving with each passing track?

1. Accumulation
2. Of Frustration
3. Accumulation Of Capital
4. Their Bank Accounts Increase
5. A Revolution Detonates In Your Head
6. Bring Them Crisis, Fuck Their Future
7. Nothing To Lose, Your Future Is Fucked
8. There Is No Rewind Button, Your Future Is Fucked
9. Burning Your Skin In Front Of The Police Station
10. While Watching Their Stock Rise, Your Miserable Fucking Life Dies


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  1. Cool. Didn't know anything about this band, but heard their new one and totally love it. Thanks for your writing and the DL as well!