Saturday, 28 June 2014

NASA Space Universe - Across The Wounded Galaxies

'Across The Wounded Galaxies'
NASA Space Universe

Review By Brayden Bagnall

Genre/s: Hardcore, Punk
For Fans Of: Brown Sugar, The Coltranes, Die Kreuzen, Dry Rot, Raw Nerve, Bad People

Hardcore bands like to pluck mercilessly from the annals of the past, and about 87.98% of the time it's boring as fuck and makes me sad. The remaining 12.02% however do so tastefully, and usually add their own zest to mix resulting rant has a point, and that point is NASA Space Universe.
Yes, these guys are certainly borrowing from the whacked out sounds of 1980s mid-western hardcore, but hey, that's the coolest kind of 1980s hardcore.
The four piece from California play their extremely energetic strand of hardcore with sloppy zest and even sloppier guitar leads. With the rhythm section keeping the band on track, the guitar is pretty much left to it's own devices, whipping up thrashy hardcore riffs, sleazy off-kilter licks and delicious atonal deviations. The vocals are reminiscent of early Die Kreuzen, with high register, crazed shrieks that are perfectly suited to the deranged instrumentation.
Across The Wounded Galaxies may be a few years old now, and if I my music taste had been as ~excellent~ as it is today, I could probably say it was just as refreshing as it was back in 2011. Alas I cannot. I can confirm however that this album rules, and that you would be doing yourself a solid by nabbing it.

1. Tiny Tom Allen Wrench
2. 3-2-4 Slop
4. Pink Beret
5. Denzel Washington D.C. Forty
6. Graham Grizzly
7. PP Fresco
8. Grizzly Graham's Golden Shower
9. Come On Eileen Bung On My Face
10. Twap
11. Selfish Tony's Splendor Bender
12. Beware Of Bat Alley, Boo Spooky


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