Monday 23 June 2014

FNU Ronnies - Saddle Up

'Saddle Up'
FNU Ronnies

Review By Brayden Bagnall

Genre/s: Noise Rock, Punk
For Fans Of: Butthole Surfers, Pygmy Shrews, Mayyors, Lubricated Goat, Homostupids, Big Black, White Mice

Noise punk. Morning Coffee. Small children injuring themselves in hilarious ways. These are three things that bring me joy - the latter of those three being the subject of this post.
and segue FNU Ronnies are the delinquent sounds of three dudes from Philadelphia making incredibly off center music. How off center you ask? Well if we going by terms of an Old Timey map, you'd be looking in the HERE BE DRAGONS section.
Several punk bands have channeled 'New Wave' before, yet none of them have made it sound quite as drugged out and mutated as FNU Ronnies. The multitude of vocal effects used here, in addition to myriad guitar manipulation and walls make Saddle Up sound like your 80s punk mixtape that's been left in the car for too long and warped beyond recognition. The band's sound is both robotic and alien, and it's just dripping with the same sort of pustulent ooze that makes bands like White Mice so terrifying to behold. And much like the aforementioned band, you'll find some awesome grooves and riffs, if you dig deep and uncover them from the pile of distortion, delay and flange that they've been generously coated in.
Honestly I don't really care whether a band decides to abandon all concept of musical structure and go the 'Full Happy Flowers' (as I have dubbed it), but I will sit up and take notice when the band flirts with this concept and ties it in with decent songwriting and catchy tunes - as per this. Check it out, you're in for a wild ride (pun not intended).

1. You Don't Look So Good
2. Cut To Ribbons
3. Saddle Up
4. Ant People
5. No Difference
6. Valley Of Wastoids
7. Laptop Vs. Beef
8. Silver Bullet


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