Saturday 14 June 2014

This Moment In Black History - It Takes A Nation Of Assholes To Hold Us Back

'It Takes A Nation Of Assholes To Hold Us Back'
This Moment In Black History

Review by Brayden Bagnall

Genre/s: Noise Rock, Hardcore
For Fans Of: Swing Kids, Jesus Lizard, The Festival Of Dead Deer, Pigeon Religion

This Moment In Black History (TMIBH from here on in) are a quartet from Cleveland, Ohio who've been at it since 2001. Equal parts hardcore and angular 90s noise rock, TMIBH's sound is boisterous, energetic and just a little bit aggressive. Listening to It Takes A Nation... I also picked up some elements of post hardcore, most evident in the guitar work, which occasionally deviates from the usual punk/hardcore power chord progressions and into more dissonant, free form territory. The interesting guitar work is complemented with a steady rhythm section and sporadic squelches, phases and buzzes from a synthesizer. To top it off, front man Chris Kulcsar's almost 'sassy' take on the usual gruff punk vocals recalls a slightly less manic David Yow, with more melody.
It Takes A Nation... is one of those awesome albums that'll appeal to just about anybody into the weirder side of punk It's noisy and aggressive enough to get your attention, and it keeps it with it's experimental tendencies and unusual song structures.

1. World B. Free
2. Larry Pulled A Knife
3. Garbage In/Garbage Out
4. Back In A Plaza Groove
5. Let's Talk About A Civil War
6. Economy Of Line
7. God On Drugs
8. On Tour With Charlie Parker
9. Tape Don't Lie
10. Code Unknown
11. My Warden
12. For On The Floor
13. Parish Sinker
14. Nailed To The Cross


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