Thursday 19 June 2014


Interview by Brayden Bagnall

With one demo out, and a new release to follow shortly, 1/4 Dead are taking hardcore back to it's ugly, fucked up roots and injecting it with a well needed dose of 'weird'. I spoke to the self described 'weirdo freak noise punk' band about stuff, and things. And by spoke to, I mean I sent them a .txt document with questions on it.

FBN: First up, who are you guys and where are you from?
-I'm Shayne I play drums and I'm from south jersey near philly.
-I'm Ethan I live in delaware and you can deduce what I play.
-I'm Eric I live with my mom in Delco.
-Im Joe and I move between parent's places in Delaware when they don't hate me.

FBN: Is your band's name some sort of sneaky scheme to draw in deathrock and anarcho punk fans?
Eric: Anarcho-what?? I don't know what you're talking about
Shayne: No it's just a cool name that has nothing to do with anything except our band
Eric: I don't even listen to Rudimentary Peni
Ethan: I like Reggae
Eric: *plays country riffs on his guitar*
Shayne: *turns off Eric's amp*

FBN: How did the band come together?
Joe: I started this as a solo project and I wanted to play the songs I'd written. I've played with Ethan since high school and with Eric for the past couple of years so after our last band fell apart I asked them to do another project with me.  It took a little while to figure out who would fill the drummer position but then I remembered Shayne had been in a couple bands that were pretty cool so I asked him. He was ready to say no but then we realized that we're all pretty close together so it would work out even though we're from 3 different states. 

FBN: What are a few bands you guys take inspiration from?
Shayne: I don't think this band has any inluences, we don't try to sound like any particular band or stlye, we just play hardcore punk that we think sounds good. Lately I've been listening to the Grateful Dead, Lil Ugly Mane, No Trend, Gang Starr, Ornette Coleman, Antiseen, Jimi Hendrix, the Butthole Surfers, and The O-Jays. But that has nothing to do with this band.
Eric: Is it against the punk rules to say Black Flag? On the tape we stole one of the riffs from an anihilation time song. bands that i borrow riffs/ styles from would be mutilation rites, no trend, plauge dogs, black flag, basically 
Joe: My main influences for this band are No Trend, SQRM, Flipper (on the first demo for the solo project I did a cover of HaHaHa), Crossed Out, Gudon, Man Is The Bastard, Total Abuse, Gay Kiss, The Crucifucks, and all that nasty noisy shit. 
Ethan: Everything except for country and rap...and I guess Discharge

FBN: Outside of music, what else influences your music and lyrics?
Joe: Crippling anxiety and depression and probably hentai
Shayne: Work, pro wrestling, drugs (especially acid), and dealing with mad problems. 
Eric: For me...drinking and having shitty bosses working in restaurants and wanting to put people in deep fryers. and Martian Manhunter. and the attitude era of WWE
Ethan: Getting fired from the deli, I think this is too deep for me. only real 90s kids will understand that. 

FBN: You've got a tape coming out on an English label -Vanity Pill Tapes - how did you get involved with them?
Joe: I had heard of them because they were an antifascist label involved in noise which I thought was really cool considering how saturated noise is with fascists. So I contacted them and sent them the demo and they loved it and wanted to work with us on our second tape. 

FBN: What's the most annoying trend in modern hardcore, in your opinion?
Shayne: For me it's bands who reform just for shows. fuck reunion shows. 
Eric: I hate shitty house show promoters who don't pay bands and kegs at hardcore shows. and kids with mohawks who have meal plans and think they're oi.
Ethan: Less circle pits,more fedora tips 
Joe:  I hate bands ripping off old bands or trying to relive 80s and 90s hardcore. Nostalgia is killing punk. 

FBN: 'Support the scene' - a genuine cause or tired slogan used by those wishing to force their way into the inner circle of said scene?
Eric: Words are bullshit
Joe: It's jut a lame slogan. I think some people who are super into the scene ignore the fact that they're lucky enough to have the friends and resources to be a part of it and really take that for granted.
Shayne: I think it's a tired slogan. Everyone contributes in different ways if they want to be involved, nobody's better then anyone else. Who are you calling out for not supporting? Preaching to the choir.   

FBN: What's the future looking like for 1/4 Dead? Shows, releases etc etc
Shayne: We've got a bunch of shows and a new tape and we hope to play shows farther out
Ethan: We're gonna do things and have stuff 
Joe: Probably suicide at some point 

FBN: Any final thoughts, shout outs or words of wisdom you wish to share with the internet?
Shayne: Fuck all y'all mutha fuckin haterz (fuck you). 2014, just finalized my divorce, OD for me. Shouts to Going Nowhere, supporters, and Raech and bake (macho man rae rae savage).
Eric: 1/4 dead we're just tryna tighten up our bankroll and make some power moves and go platinum
Ethan: Believe in the heart of the cards
Joe: I often wonder when Code Orange Kids[sic] will break up

Neato! Thanks for the interview guys. 
Keep a look put for the band's new tape on their bandcamp HERE and while you're at it, listen to their demo - definitely one of my favourite punk releases of 2K14 so far.

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