Wednesday 22 May 2013

Bastard Noise - Throne Is Melting

'Throne is Melting'
Bastard Noise

'Intelligent power electronics'

For the uninitiated, Bastard Noise began as a side project to Man Is The Bastard in 1991, and over the  years has flourished into one of the most unique bands in the modern noise scene. While they've begun to embrace a sludgier, more structured sound (a la MiTB) on their recent releases, 'Throne is Melting' remains a shining example of Bastard Noise's experimental noise era.

Thanks to their amazing array of homemade instruments, synthesizers and equipment (seriously, go look it up), Bastard Noise achieve some very unique sounds on this album. From ominous industrial ambiance to low frequency power electronic blasts, Bastard Noise keep things interesting with their wide array of aural delights. The vocals, when there are any, range from deep growls, harsh shouts and even subdued female vocals (see Virmana over Punglai). 

If you're looking for a well rounded, diverse and interesting harsh noise album that doesn't resort to misogynistic/violent lyrics for shock value - look no further.

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