Wednesday 29 May 2013

Peste Noire - L'Ordure à l'état Pur

'L'Ordure à l'état Pur'
Peste Noire

Genre/s: Black Metal, Folk Metal, NSBM?
For Fans Of: Taake, Valfunde, Autarcie

Right, Peste Noire are a bit of a a grey area to me. One one hand they make some great, innovative black metal - on the other hand they're rumored to be racist, and they do claim to be a nationalist band.
Politics aside, this album is an absolute must listen. Post-punk, folk, death metal, thrash metal and traditional black metal all blend together to create the soundtrack to some sort of corpse paint dominated carnival. There are so many odd little twists and turns on this album - folky breakdowns, singers imitating roosters, samples of wagons trundling along and a constant mish-mash of styles. While this is not a straight forward BM release, it does still bear the trademarks of one; the raw production and raspy shrieks and howls are an interesting contrast to the experimental elements on this album. This is one of the first black metal albums I listened to, and while it confused me a little, it also blew my mind with it's diversity and disregard  for genre norms. Highly recommended.

1. Casse, pêches, fractures et traditions
2. Cochon carotte et les sœurs crotte
3. J'avais rêvé du nord
4. Sale Famine von Valfoutre
5. La condi hu


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