Friday 24 May 2013

Pig Heart Transplant/The Endless Blockade - Split

'Split 7 Inch'
Pig Heart Transplant/The Endless Blockade

'Dense, menacing industrial experimentation'

This is what splits should be - two bands, different enough to keep things interesting and varied, but similar enough to be able to share a record with each other. On one hand you have Pig Heart Transplant, an experimental noise/industrial band from the mind of Jon Kortland (Iron Lung's guitarist). On the other you have The Endless Blockade (RIP), a powerviolence band that were known to include sludgy and experimental songs in amongst their releases. Pig Heart Transplant's side is oppressively slow, drawn out and heavy industrial tinged doom, along with two more noise-oriented pieces. The Endless Blockade on the other hand bring the ruckus with a powerviolence/sludge rager and an industrial/power electronics track. This is a perfect release for those of you into The Endless Blockade's experimental stuff or any Iron Lung related side projects.

Your Curse

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