Monday 27 May 2013

Triac - Dead House Dreaming

'Dead House Dreaming'

'Grindcore, with metalcore brawn'

After only hearing to Triac's later releases (i.e In The Blue Room, Always Meant to Hurt You etc etc), Dead House Dreaming was a very different listen. On this release (their first, and only full length to date), Triac come off as more of a chaotic metalcore band, with very slight nods to mathcore (think Ed Gein or Burnt By The Son). So while you still get the pure brute force of a grindcore release, you also have the energy of hardcore running through its veins . With some interesting stop/start and slow/fast dynamics, and a Bauhaus cover to boot, this is a worthy prequel to the raw, noisy grind chaos to come from these guys.

Footprint Of A Fire

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