Thursday 23 May 2013

Vvlad - Demo


Genre/s: Raw Black Metal, Blackened Blues, Atmospheric Black Metal, Blackened Noise
For Fans Of: ????

According to their facebook, Vvlad are a 'One man cigarboxguitar black blues metal' band, and that seems to be a fairly fitting moniker. While they do dabble in blues (there is an amazing cover of 'Where Did You Sleep Last Night?'), Vvlad taverse the realms of blackened noise, atmospheric black metal and dark ambient. The lo-fi recording, coupled with the unique choice of instrumentation lend itself to a really dark, murky atmosphere that just sort of wafts in and out of your head with the greatest of ease. This demo, among heaps of other weird, cigarbox black metal curiosities are available for free on the Negromancy bandcamp.

1. Side A
2. Side B


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