Sunday 26 May 2013

IDYLLS - Farewell All Joy

'Farewell All Joy'

'Abrasive math-y goodness'

IDYLLS are another local band, and my favourite one at that. These guys combine mathcore, noise rock, screamo and grindcore into one odd little package. There's some amazing musicianship on Farewell All Joy, and you'll have a very hard time keeping up with all the weird tempo changes, stops and starts and crazy riffing. Vocally you'll be treated to screams and mid level hardcore shouts, which combined with the ever changing nature of the music makes for some interesting dynamics. The coolest thing about this album would probably have to be the awesome guitar tone - tinny, metallic and crisp, it's almost as if Steve Albini started a mathcore band. It'd be great to see these guys get some more recognition, so give it a listen and go check out their bandcamp.

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