Saturday 2 November 2013

Cult Ritual - 1st LP

'1st LP'
Cult Ritual

Genre/s: Hardcore, Punk, Noise Rock
For Fans Of: White Guilt, Nazi Dust, Raw Nerve, Total Abuse

Cult Ritual are probably the fore bearers of the micro genre known as 'Mysterious Guy Hardcore', which is basically just like regular hardcore, but a bit rawer and with very little information about the band itself. Cult Ritual have gained something of a cult (sorry) status after disbanding in 2009 for their unrelenting, noisy assault on senses. On this LP, the band revels in feedback, atonality and scuzzy riffing with filthy, bratty vocals spat over the top of it. This album is brutally minimal, primal and not nearly as pretentious as half of the stuff that Youth Attack seems to put out these days. This is essentially a modern hardcore masterpiece, and if you haven't heard it - you fucking should.

1. Holidays
2. Horror Sale
3. Ugly Years
4. Nailed
5. Failed
6. Saturday's Blood
7. Last Time

8. Cancer Money


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