Sunday 10 November 2013

Drug Problem - Self Titled

'Drug Problem'
Drug Problem

Genre/s: Sludge, Powerviolence
For Fans Of: His Hero Is Gone, Meth Drinker, California Love, Dystopia

Featuring members of the equally disgusting, drug-fucked band, Meth Drinker, Drug Problem play music in a similar vein, albeit with a more dissonant, violent approach. Glacial, monolithic dirges meet sudden powerviolence outbursts in a caustic combination punctuated by grim samples. This album sounds like a heroin junkie's anguished screams drowned in alcohol and suicidal thoughts - and its awesome.

1. Sexually Transmitted Text Message
2. Cottage Cheese Facelift
3. Wearing Your Wife's Dressing Gown
4. Mermaid in Manhole
5. Fanny Fish Bag
6. If I Had Arms I'd Kill Myself
7. (Charlton Heston) I A Man Of The Image
8. The Towering Wall
9. Where's Your Sister Tonight
10. Your Dad's Cumming


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