Sunday 10 November 2013

No Anchor - Real Pain Supernova

'Real Pain Supernova'
No Anchor

Genre/s: Noise Rock, Alternative, Sludge, Drone Metal, Doom, Stoner Metal
For Fans Of: Electric Wizard, Harvey Milk, Sunn, Boris, Nirvana

No Anchor are probably the best band in Australia right now, and I'll fight you if you say otherwise. Imagine if you will a band that plays almost every slow, heavy genre known to man but then somehow injects it with pop sensibility and emotion.
No Anchor are that band.
The bass/drum three piece play an ugly, yet sonically diverse style of music that jumps from abrasive (Dead Pony), massive (Gatton Bohemia, the best track IMO) and even catchy (Wolves Bite And Disappear). Real Pain Supernova manages to sound like a Southern Lord release and a 90s Sub Pop release at the same time, and if that does not tingle your curiosity, then you sir cannot be helped.

1. The End
2. Wolves Bite And Disappear
3. Dead Pony
4. Gatton Bohemia
5. Shut My Mouth
6. The Perils Of Small Town Living
7. Come Again
8. Key Cutter


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