Monday 4 November 2013

Kayo Dot - Gamma Knife

'Gamma Knife'
Kayo Dot

Genre/s: Avant Garde Metal, Progressive Metal, Experimental
For Fans Of: Maudlin Of The Well, Xiu Xiu, Naked City, Gorguts

It's metal Jim, but not as we know it - in fact I'm not entirely sure whether it counts as 'metal' at all.
Kayo Dot are probably one of those bands that will either alienate you entirely on your first listen or draw you in completely. Not content with hogging numerous 'metal' subgenres (death, doom, progressive) Kayo Dot add everything from classical, jazz, chamber music and post rock into their incredibly complex re-imaging of chamber music. Intro track 'Lethe' will barely cue you into the chaos, but as soon as the second track, 'Rite Of Goetic Evocation', kicks in, you'll be thrown into Kayo Dot's multi-faceted misama of noise with nary a warning to speak of. Gamma Knife is probably the busiest album you'll ever hear, saxophones duel with death growls, the drums explode into bursts of jazz-prog freakouts and the guitars just try to clamber to the top of everything just to be heard. There are moments of beauty however - airy vocals, tinkling orchestral arrangements and soothing melodies are an invitation to catch your breath and reflect on Gamma Knife's louder moments, before they come back and leave you breathless again

1. Lethe
2. Rite of Goetic Evocation
3. Mirror Water, Lightning Night
4. Ocellated God
5. Gamma Knife


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