Saturday 2 November 2013

Jesuit - Discography

1995 - 1999

Genre/s: Sludge, Metalcore, Chaotic Hardcore
For Fans Of: Converge, Old Man Gloom, Cave In, Botch

Jesuit were a short lived 90s metalcore band that featured members of Converge and The Dillinger Escape Plan. In their short time as a band, they released two EPs and a demo, which are featured in this discography. Jesuit's music was a noisy blend of sludge metal and chaotic metalcore, with unhealthy levels of dissonance and distortion. If you like your hardcore noisy as fuck, or if you like any of the bands on Hydra Head's roster, you'll like these dudes.

1. Car Crash Lullaby
2. Your Sharp Teeth
3. Cop Glasses
4. Hole in the Sky
5. Servitude
6. The Malady
7. Suicide King
8. Tranzor Z
9. The Smooth Talking Son of a Bitch
10.  Trigger
11. Canonize

12. Expatriate


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