Friday 1 November 2013

Dressed In Wires - Puke Sculptures

'Puke Sculptures'
Dressed In Wires
2002 - 2012

Genre/s: Noise, Dark Ambient, Drone, Experimental

(Band Submission)

From what I could piece together from some rather obtuse bios and descriptions, Dressed In Wires is an experimental solo project that dabbles in the realm of laptop noise. This discography spans every possible genre and sub-genre within the experimental electronic category - with over an hour's worth of material you'll hear everything from bleeps, guitar drones, severely fucked up beats, harsh metallic noise and static walls. It's a very impressive collection of horrible sounds, and the range of textures and noises are mind boggling. Well worth your time, providing that you're willing to submit your ears to a bit of punishment.

(Presented as one continuous track)

1. This’ll Be Our Little Secret, If You Tell Anyone I’ll Rip Your Mouth Out
2. Dressed Um Wire, He Make Um Fire! Uuh! RUHH! .......nggNnggng! Uhg! UHHG! Um HEAD Um           Fire! NnnnUNG!!
3. Chopped Up In A Bath As Well, Which Is About Fucking Typical
4. Your Body Learns
5. And Every Car Was On Fire, Which Is Most Unlike You
6. Shock & Awe Motherfucker
7. It Brings The Out Yeast In Me
8. Whale Stomach
9. Play Nice
10. Ayalah
11. Captain, Shit!!! We've Hit A Noiseberg! It's A Bit Like An Iceberg, But It's Made Out Of Noise And         The Penguins On It Are Dead Grumpy
12. Paedophile Fence
13. Bodies Of Teenage Girls Cut From Car Wreckage
14. Blood Touching Glass
15. The Dead Swell
16. Zoo Begins Look Into Hearts Of Apes
17. Miscarriage, Where Were You?
18. Drool; Mewl, Too
19. I Will Survive And What Will Be Left Of Me


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