Saturday 2 November 2013

The Gerogerigegege - Yellow Trash Bazooka

'Yellow Trash Bazooka'
The Gerogerigegege

Genre/s: Harsh Noise, Noisecore
For Fans Of: Hijokaidan, Deche Charge, Naked City, Hanatarash, Anal Cunt

79 tracks. 11 minutes.
Nuff said.
The Gerogerigegege were an infamous Japanoise act who were known for their on-stage antics (usually involving masturbation) and the for the disappearance of their frontman.  Musically they explored the realms of junk noise, ambient and even conventional rock, though arguably they are most widely recognised for their forays into noisecore. Yellow Trash Bazooka is a concept album, surprisingly, and it's about the letter 'G'. Every song on this album starts with the letter G (Gape, Gang Bang, Gynecologist etc etc) and along with the hilarious count-ins (ONETWOTHREEFAAAAR) they tend to be the only deciphrable lyrics in the four second long songs on this EP. While this release is most likely a giant joke, there is some excellent harsh noise on this album - albeit in very short bursts.


Not even going to bother with this one


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