Friday 1 November 2013

Skin Like Iron - Arrival

Skin Like Iron

Genre/s: Hardcore, Crust
For Fans Of: Cursed, Tragedy, Young And In The Way, Ekkaia

Skin Like Iron are a rather prolific hardcore band, and among their releases is a split with Nails - though this four piece band could not be more different from the beefy metal/hardcore juggernauts.
Skin Like Iron play a melodic style of hardcore, with nods to crust punk, neocrust and d-beat some forays into experimental and post-rock. Led by furious, snarled vocals that tow the line between crust punk and black metal and surprisingly bright guitars, Arrival is certainly a unique album in terms of hardcore.

1. Arrival
2. Blame
3. Legion
4. Silence Swells
5. Freeze
6. Blame II
7. Consequence
8. Dim Horizon

9. Reason Refrains