Monday 4 November 2013

Mental Waste - Permanent Damage

'Permanent Damage'
Mental Waste

Genre/s: Fastcore, Hardcore, Powerviolence
For Fans Of: xBrainiax, Threatener, Shackles, Coke Bust

(Band Submission)

Well I gotta say I liked this band as soon as I heard the Watchmen sample, though it helps that they also play some pretty swell music. Breakneck speeds, thrashy riffs, starts and stops and seriously pissed off vocals make Permanent Damage a force to be reckoned with. Nothing on this release is over a minute long, in fact nothing is longer than thirty five seconds, so it's clear that Mental Waste have taken brevity to whole new levels. These guys have got a few releases up on bandcamp, they're all free and they all fucking rip. Check it out.

1. Tired
2. Hope
3. Dirt
4. No one
6. Void
7. Done
8. Blind
9. Generation
10. Acceptance


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