Friday 1 November 2013

Omotai - Terrestrial Grief

'Terrestrial Grief'

Genre/s: Metalcore, Sludge, Post Metal, Noise Rock
For Fans Of: KEN Mode, Fight Amp, Cave In, Old Man Gloom

On Terrestrial Grief, Omotai bring a plethora of heavy genres together in unholy matrimony, to create 11 tracks of metallic chaos. Am Rep madness meets the like of Georgian metal (Kylesa, Baronees, Mastodon etc) as the three create and absolutely massive sounding record. The songs vary between lightning fast thrash riffing, dissonant chords and progressive noodling, while drummer Anthony Vallejo and singer/guitarist Sam Waters trade off with their hoarse, gruff vocals. All in all Terrestrial Grief is a well rounded album: the brawnier metal parts blend well with the cold, mechanical technicality of the songwriting along with album's more noisier, discordant sections.

1. Vela Hotel
2. This is for Zora
3. Spanish Constellation
4. Spidercave
5. Seabitch  
6. Terrestrial Grief  
7. Lurching Away
8. Orison  
9. Life in the Hive  
10. Hollow Innards  
11. Yuri


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