Friday 15 November 2013

SQRM - Rodeo


Genre/s: Hardcore, Noise Rock
For Fans Of: Hoax, Cult Ritual, Swans, White Guilt, The Jesus Lizard

Rodeo is one of those albums that comes along every once and a while and just  floors you with how disgustingly caustic it is.It's is a grating, ponderous, disgusting little slab of hardcore drenched in reverb and soaked in hatred and probably the best thing to come out of Youth Attack as of late (or ever). SQRM sound like they're letting of every single ounce of sexual frustration, anger and self loathing within their collective bodies and pouring into this ugly, ugly collection of songs. Whether it's punishingly slow dirges (White Stains, Upsidedown Cross) or venomous bursts of speed and noise (I Can't Find My Knife, Rodeo), SQRM's unique take on the genre, and refreshingly negative take on life is both exhilarating and frightening. Unlike most other Youth Attack releases, there's no half-assed attempts at pseudo intellectualism or edginess - just primal, fucked up punk

1. White Stains
2. I Can't Find My Knife
3. Cut My Strings
4. You Still Can't Live
5. Fuck To Survive
6. Upsidedown Cross
7. Rodeo
8. Slow Dance
9. Raw Split
10. Waste


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