Wednesday 26 February 2014

Agents Of Abhorrence - Earth.Water.Sun

Agents Of Abhorrence
Review by Brayden Bagnall

Genre/s: Grindcore
For Fans Of: Discordance Axis, Noisear, Syntax, Gridlink

Agents Of Abhorrence put out one hell of a record last year. Relief was an absolutely brutal grindcore album and ticked most of the boxes - yet it was lacking the intensity and creativity of earlier AoA outings. Enter Earth.Water.Sun, an EP the Melbourne grinders put out in 2010. This ten minute long ripper has Discordance Axis worship written all over it, with its math-y, claustrophobic song structures though it manages to really come out on its own as a forward thinking, slightly off kilter grind record. AoA are a treble heavy band (with no bass player), and utilise angular riffs played at break neck speed, concise drumming and throaty shrieked/growls vocals to beat you into submission. Again, these guys are still going strong, but they no longer have the same impact as they did on this EP (that, and I believe they have a new vocalist). All that aside, give this a listen.

1. Untitled
2. Salt And Earth
3. Sentimentality & Nostalgia
4. Viewing
5. Shock Treatment
6. Floodgate
7. Love Song
8. Outlines Remain
9. Sick Disguise
10. Puppet Fuck
11. The Audacity Of You
12. Under Earth
13. Once A Bind


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