Friday 7 February 2014

Jellyroll Rockheads - Wake Up Music (Discography)

'Wake Up Music'
Jellyroll Rockheads

Review By Brayden Bagnall

Genre/s: Thrashcore, Hardcore
For Fans Of: Idol Punch, Real Reggae, Razor's Edge, Exclaim

Thrashcore and Japan go together like a fat kid and a smartie - there's just something about that country that can turn a pretty straightforward genre (i.e thrashcore) into one of the most fun, invigorating listening experiences you'll ever have. Jellyroll Rockheads were a fairly short lived side project of a few other hardcore bands around Osaka during the late 90s/early 2000s, and managed to put out a few splits, demos and EPs out before their demise, all of which is contained within this compilation. This is super fast, super catchy and incredibly goofy stuff and definitely aimed at the more light-hearted punk scene. Snag it below.

1. Ganja Boy
2. Song For Speedcore Lovers
3. Go ! "No Reason"
4. Isolated
5. Shoot A Bomb Into Dance Floor α
6. I Wanna Be High
7. High Pressure
8. Kenji Mind Is Green Mind
9 .Shoot A Bomb Into Dance Floor β
10. Kome-Nist
11. Ride On Super Sound
12. Road To Ruin
13. Only Silence
14. Intense Inside
15. I'm At My Wit's End
16. Worshit Of Youth
17. Wake Up, Music
18. Fade Out
19. Flowers For Nothing
20. Good Time's Rollin'
21. Try To Join...
22. No Skate No Thrash
23. Dull Face, Bright Eyes
24. High Pressure
25. Isolated
26. Go ! "No Reason"
27. He Told Like This
28. Who Loves The Sun
29. Road To Ruin
30. I'm At My Wit's End
31. Fade Out
32. Ganja Boy
33. Song For Speedcore Lovers
34. Wake Up, Music
35. No Skate No Thrash
36. Snob
37. Intense Inside
38. Dust Youth Only Need It


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