Saturday 1 February 2014

Winona Forever - Wake Up Slow

'Wake Up Slow'
Winona Forever

Review by Laurence Grimwood

Genre/s: Blackened punk, Hardcore punk, Grindcore
For fans of: Raspberry Bulbs, Sump, Sexdrome

(Band Submission)

Winona Forever is a noisy punk one-man project from Los Angeles. While it's hard to truly define the style of music, it's evident that Winona Ryder takes influence from various bands on the Youth Attack label, blending together a potent mix of black metal, grindcore and punk. The album goes from fast and erratic tracks such as 'Loose Tooth' to moody and atmospheric songs like 'The Night I Died In My Sleep' or 'Horror Comics'. If you dig catchy punk riffs, fuzzed out bass lines and distorted vocals this project is definitely something worth checking out.

1. Bone Showing
2. Born From Smoke
3. The Night I Died In My Sleep
4. Culture Vulture
5. Holding Nails
6. Loose Tooth
7. Howler
8. Poor Bastard
9. Shoot Up, Forget, We're All Dead At Sunset
10. Wake Up Slow
11. Horror Comics


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