Monday 17 February 2014

H.S.S.R.R 3-Way Split

'H.S.S.R.R 3-Way Split'
Hellnation/Slight Slappers/Real Reggae

Review by Brayden Bagnall

Genre/s: Fastcore, Thrashcore, Powerviolence
For Fans Of: Romantic Gorilla, Capitalist Casualties, Exclaim, Razor's Edge

It's America vs Japan vs Japan in what is probably the coolest tour release, and indeed split release ever devised. As usual, Hellnation bring their absolutely ferocious brand of powerviolence tinged fastcore, with razor sharp guitars and throat shredding vocals - they easily blast through their four songs on this split. Slight Slappers are a slightly more manic and chaotic affair, injecting powerviolence with sloppy thrash solos and sloppier riffs with 9 live tracks. Finally Real Reggae brings the beef with their crazy fast brand of thrashcore (again these tracks are live). One of the better live albums I've listened to, this split brings together three excellent bands playing some blisteringly fast music. Git on it.

1. Hellnation – This Is Progress
2. Hellnation – No More Favors
3. Hellnation – Cold Sweat
4. Hellnation – Um Bando De Filhos Da Puta
5. Hellnation – Again And Again
6. Slight Slappers – Tokyo Power Violence
7. Slight Slappers – Selfish World Called Freedom
8. Slight Slappers – Tomorrow Will Be Fine
9. Slight Slappers – S A D
10. Slight Slappers – Nothing
11. Slight Slappers – Maximum Memories
12. Slight Slappers – Out Of Work
13. Slight Slappers – Spacing Out
14. Slight Slappers – Patience
15 Real Reggae – Hi-Lite
16. Real Reggae – Flamingo-In Tokyo
17. Real Reggae – Maze 2002
18. Real Reggae – Mind Game
19. Real Reggae – Mukounomama...
20. Real Reggae – Ins-Tro
21. Real Reggae –  M.C.H.C.


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