Saturday 8 February 2014

White Mice – BLasssTPhlEgMEICE

White Mice

Review by Jerry Kahale

Genre/s: Noise Rock, Industrial Noise, Noisegrind, Experimental
For fans of: Lightening Bolt, Big Black, Arab On Radar, AIDS Wolf, Xbxrx

The Providence, Rhode Island noise/art music scene is no doubt a polarizing scene that’s equally loved and loathed by music fans alike that are either astonished at their outward experiments in their jugular and absurd sounds and stage presence or frowned upon for being nothing more than a bunch of artsy-fartsy types wasting their college years on making deliberately annoying music and shitty art. You can’t doubt that their creativity hasn’t gone unnoticed though and I believe there is a lot to say about these bands, some of which became highly influential. One such band sits around on the heavier spectrum, and by heavy I mean completely catastrophic just as equal parts catatonic. Insert comedic quip about how those words have “cat” in them to describe a band that are called White Mice.

I could just say that White Mice have half of Arab On Radar’s monotonous and repetitive song structure that was specifically designed for uncomfortable listening and Lightening Bolt’s adventurous foray into unorthodox soundscapes and melodies without the hyperactive nature. They’re much more than that though. Listening to White Mice makes you feel like an insane and merciless criminal, a beast that destroys with a sickening glee, a megalomaniac with full intention to inflict suffering. You’re riding on the mind of a sadist that is beyond any point of return. Armed with nothing more than a fuzzed out bass, hammering drums, a harrowing oscillator and demented vocals all in an outrageous lab mice costumes on stage, it is an essential listen to the deep end of non-feel good music. On a side note they also have the best song and album titles ever.

1. Blassstphlegmeice
2. Dieabeasstitty
3. Caged Mearachells
4. Catasstasteatrophy
5. Foetal Castro
6. Wrawblow
7. Violence On The Lamb
8. Porn Again
9. Hole (Sweet) Hole
10. Mousestassh Ride
11. Turban Sprawl
12. Rattarddead
13. Sewercide


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