Saturday 15 February 2014

Final Exit - 'Seasons Are Going And Going... And Lives Goes On'

'Seasons Are Going And Going... And Lives Goes On'
Final Exit

Review By Jerry Kahale

Genre/s: Noisecore, Grindcore, Experimental, Noisegrind

For fans for: Sete Star Sept, Gore Beyond Necropsy, Seven Minutes Of Nausea, Penis Geyser

Not to be confused with the Swedish hardcore band of the same name (they're pretty good too if you like to listen to a band that made a particular pioneering style of hardcore ahead of its time that has since been homogenized to death by modern bands), This Final Exit hail from Japan and are perhaps the underdogs of the Japanese noisegrind scene but that doesn't make them any less special, infact quite the contrary. Have you ever at one point while listening to blistering grindcore thought to yourself "Hmm, it would be nice if i could listen to some slow acoustic music or maybe some happy clappy rock, maybe some Dick Dale inspired surf music or hey maybe some Iron Maiden or Complex to boot" then these grind maestros probably overheard you and did exactly that. 

"Seasons..." is delivered in around 10 minutes at break neck speeds constantly switching between noise and music faster than the Australian weather (heyoooooo relevant lame humor), this is for anyone that loves their reprehensible noisy grind with a polygamous marriage to a clusterfuck of other guitar centric genres.


1. January
2. February
3. March
4. April
5. May
6. June (Ace's High)
7. July
8. August
9. September (Be My Baby)
10. October
11. November
12. December


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