Wednesday 26 February 2014

Flipper - Generic


Review by Brayden Bagnall

Genre/s: Noise Rock, Punk, Sludge, No Wave
For Fans Of: Melvins, Nirvana, Black Flag, Saccharine Trust, Brainbombs

I honestly don't need to say anything about this album other than the fact that it's an absolute fucking classic and half the bands on this blog wouldn't be around if it wasn't for these guys. For those of you who only know of Flipper from Kurt Cobain's shirt, they were (and still are, sporadically) a punk band from San Francisco. While Flipper's peers were channeling their anger and frustration into short, snappy three chord zingers, they were pouring all their boredom, depression and disillusionment into sloppy, noisy dirges. Never ones to really care about actually playing their instruments properly, Flipper's songs are raw, honest and deliberately annoying insights into misanthropy, sexual frustration and life as an outsider. Their wonky, feedback ridden sludge-punk was vital in starting numerous musical movements across America in the 1980s (most notably the Grunge scene in Seattle) and has remained some of the most ugly and unique  stuff to ever come out of the Bay Area (or any area for that matter).

1. Ever
2. Life Is Cheap
3. Shed No Tears
4. (I Saw You) Shine
5. Way Of The World
6. Life
7. Nothing
8. Living For The Depression
9. Sex Bomb



  1. maestro de los maestros, capitan de los capitanes, excelente blog, you fucking rule, alabado seas, you are better than god

  2. A great band. Many thanks for this.

  3. great record, I love Flipper!

  4. Gracias viva el sludge bien muerto