Sunday 2 February 2014

Various Artists - Extreme Music From Japan

'Extreme Music From Japan'
Various Artists

Review By Brayden Bagnall

Genre/s: Harsh Noise, Japanoise, Power Electronics, Noise
For Fans Of: Merzbow, Masonna, Incapacitants etc etc

As far as comps go, this one is up there with Let Them Eat Jellybeans or Possessed To Skate in terms of 'YOU HAVE TO FUCKING LISTEN TO IT'. Extreme Music From Japan presents some of Japan's most prolific noise artists (heck they're all prolific) for your listening displeasure. Curated by Susan Lawley (the label responsible for unleashing Whitehouse's music into the population), Extreme Music... showcases tracks by big names (Merzbow, Masonna, The Gerogerigegege) and lesser known ones (What A Smell, Niku-Zidousha), all of which were recorded especially for this comp. While it mostly focuses on the super-dynamic noise we've all come to love from Japan, there are some more power electronic-y oriented tracks, as well as weird mash-ups and collages. An excellent starting point for those of you dipping your toes into the wonderful world of Japanoise (or noise in general), it goes without saying that you need this in your music library.


1. The Gerogerigegege – Her Name's On My Cock
2. Masonna – Anne (Parts 1 And 2)
3. Incapacitants – No Discount
4. Niku-Zidousha – Untitled
5. Merzbow – Glass
6. Government Alpha –  Powersupply
7. Hentaitenno - Unko To Ketsu-eki To Sei-eki
8. Masonna – Acid Recording (Parts 1, 2 And 3)
9. Hijokaidan – Random Canoe Inspection
10. Incapacitants – Cicade
11. Masonna – Eat Maggot
12. Government Alpha – The Place Of A Person's Death
13. Merzbow – 20
14. What A Smell – Oral Ejaculation
15. Incapacitants – Term Structure Of Professional Wrestling


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  1. Thanks, been looking for this one for a while having acquired the follow-up (Extreme Music from Africa) many years ago.