Sunday 2 February 2014

Crazy Spirit - Self Titled LP

'Crazy Spirit LP'
Crazy Spirit

Review by Brayden Bagnall

Genre/s:  Punk, Hardcore
For Fans Of: Dawn Of Humans, Raw Nerve, Cult Ritual, S.H.I.T

Crazy Spirit are one of the many awesome bands spawned out of the post-mysterious guy hardcore wasteland of New York. Taking a more fun, and decidedly less serious approach than some of their peers, Crazy Spirit delivers whacky punk with outsider attitude. Three (power)chord songs, a singer that sounds suspiciously like Eric Cartman and this snotty, boyish energy that just courses through the entire LP - this may just be your new favourite punk album.

1. Crying Mother
2. Bed Bugs
3. Space
4. Bricks
5. Little Boots
6. Train
7. They Sleep Easy
8. Troll
9. Baseball Bat
10. You
11. Fistful Of Hate
12. Nosebleed
13. What Have I Become?
14. I Become A Man


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