Friday 21 February 2014

Drunkdriver - Discography

2008 - 2010

Review by Brayden Bagnall

Genre/s: Noise Rock, Hardcore, Noise Punk, Harsh Noise
For Fans Of: Rectal Hygienics, Brainbombs, Eyehategod, Twin Stumps, Cult Ritual

Drunkdriver were a New York band who played some of the noisiest, most abrasive hardcore you're ever likely to hear. Alas, their time on the planet was short, but they left behind some absolutely killer music, coated in at least fifteen layers of distortion. Drunkdriver were a band that could alternate between breakneck speed and oppressive sludge drawls, harnessing unhealthy amounts of guitar feedback and noise in the process. With vocals that posses a Mike-Williams-IX-rant crossed with deranged mental patient quality, dosed with ungodly levels of reverb (what's a noise punk band without reverb), Drunkdriver is just an all out assault on the senses, with little to no regard for conventional song structures or musical convention.  Unfortunately these guys (and gal) left us waaaay too soon, due to some sexual assault allegations leveled at the drummer, but their discography is up for grabs below (inlcuding their collaboration with noise/experimental artist 'Mattin'), so jam it loud and scare some kids and/or old people.

(Edit: I fucked up and left some tracks out of the initial ZIP folder, hence I have added a second file with the missing tracks)


Born Pregnant
1. Ode
2. Rebecca Ross
3. Secret Eater
4. Product
5. Sick Kid
6. Millions
7. Dick In A Mousetrap
8. Women (The Blues)
9. Cure For The Common Cold

Self Titled LP
1. The Accident
2. Network
3. Choking Hazard
4. Haunting
5. Half Mast
6. Quality Of My Life
7. Prison Logic
8. Bad Year
9. All The Dead Dogs

Fire Sale
1. Fire Sale
2. It Never Happened

Knife Day
1. Knife Day
2. January 2nd

My Chinese Sister
1. Warm On The Inside
2. To Whom It May Concern
3. Look Back And Laugh

1. Side A
2. Side B

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