Friday 7 February 2014

The Sexual - Discography

The Sexual
1983 - 1985

Review By Brayden Bagnall

Genre/s: Hardcore, Punk, D-Beat
For Fans Of: Gauze, Kuro, Crow, Disclose, The Stalin

Time has proven countless times that Japanese punk is indeed the bees knees, and The Sexual are no exception. Initially more of a first wave hardcore band, The Sexual developed a harder, heavier and faster approached as they progressed, with more feedback, distortion and Discharge worship than before. Alas, The Sexual were only with us for two years, and hence did not leave as big as an impression as some of their contemporaries, but if you're a        J-Punk Nerd (and you fucking should be) I highly recommend this. Scratch that, everyone should listen to this.

1. Messiah
2. Ejaculate
3. The Nexus Of Man To Man
4. Worm
5. Anarchy & Destruction - Muddy Brains
6. Crime Of Sexual
7. War Cry
8. The Last Days
9. Scatter The Hatred
10. Devil Reversion
11. The End Approaches
12. 愛国者
13. ザ・ジャパニーズ
14. 自閉症
15. 人間のあかし
16. Messiah
17. 愛国者


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