Friday 21 February 2014

Mutant Video - Missing Fingers

'Missing Fingers'
Mutant Video

Review by Brayden Bagnall

Genre/s: Dark Wave, Noise, Ambient, Drone
For Fans Of: John Carpenter, Alberich, Swans Gatekeeper

If you've ever wondered what your favourite 70s/80s sci-fi/horror VHS would sound like if they were a band, I have the answer for you. Mutant Video is a synth driven project from Seattle, Washington who currently reside on the consistently brilliant Iron Lung Records roster. Utilising synth, bass guitar and minimal percussion (via drum machine), Mutant Video's moody compositions are sinister, cold and clinical drawing on eerie ambience and retro vibes to complete their formula. 'Missing Fingers' sees Mutant Video covering cold wave (The Drive), dark ambient (Silent Curtain) and drone (Raw Deal, Street Lightning) territories, with the bass guitar providing some harsher, metallic tones and the synth generating some of the more ambient atmospheres. At times is sounds like John Carpenter covering Godflesh, at other times it sounds like Swans met Alberich in a sleazy bar and got them pregnant but ultimately it's a dark, brooding release and a solid listen at that.

1. Missing Fingers
2. The Drive
3. Silent Curtain
4. Raw Deal
5. Street Lighting
4. Cut Off
5. Broken In Leather


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