Thursday 6 February 2014

Ordstro - Fall MMXII Tape

'Fall MMXII Tape'

Review by Luke Pooley

Genre/s: Powerviolence, Emoviolence.
For Fans Of: Obacha, Chetwrecker, DNF, Usurp Synapse.
‘Emoviolence’ was originally a  joke term coined In/Humanity to describe their sound. I normally detest the use of the term Emoviolence as a serious moniker despite insistence from some; but nowhere is that term more applicable for description than for Ordstro. Bay Area blasters who have been stomping around for quite a few years, whose skramz tinged assault on powerviolence is as frantic as it is ripping. Sharp, angular guitar tone and punchy, pummeling drum work riffs to pieces through stop and start blasts, spastic flailing, tight hardcore passages and the PV breakdowns alongside throat-shredding screams reminiscent of bands such as Usurp Synapse . Absolute chaos, performed with precision. The best parts of PV bumping shoulders with the best of old school skramz to create an interesting hybrid that is refreshingly unique for modern PV.

1. U.T.I.
2 More Than Employees and Consumers
3. Beatrice
4. Flammable Faucet Water
5. Heinous Doobies

Bandcamp (Where you can find all their other releases for free)

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